We're baaaaaack! Did you miss us!? We're comin' atcha this week with a bonus episode to talk about all things OSCAR! Like most people who get a kick out of celebrities, we LOVE awards season. And there's no better show than the Academy Awards! The drama, the dresses, the awkward speeches..we're into ALL of it. So, we figured why not hop on the mic? 

On this bonus episode --

  • Beth gives some theories to explain the great envelope mix-up of the 2017 Academy Awards...
  • and Katie explains the weird phenomenon of men who can't stand playing second fiddle to Oscar award winning women.
  • Plus - we chat favorite moments, snubs, wacky facts and MORE! 


Jordyn's lip kit
The Whole30 Program
Kristen Bell depuffing
Glenn Close's Instagram
Roberto Begnini accepting for "Life is Beautiful"
Cringe-worthy hosts
JLaw takes a tumble
Is this why the Academy wasn't a fan of Leo?
List of actresses who are part of the Oscar Love Curse
Halle Berry's acceptance speech

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Music: Kiaro di luna by Intiman

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