Cozy up and get comfortable! The ladies of Uncovered the Podcast have two more piping hot celebrity mysteries comin' atcha today. 

On this week's show -- 

  • Beth keeps things in Old Hollywood again this week to talk about a leading lady's daughter who got away with murder...
  • and Katie breaks down the feud between a couple of blonde lifestyle gurus who are ready to shed their cashmere and throw some bows.


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Katie's flannel robe
The disappearance of Jean Spangler on epi 12
Lana Turner's IMDB
Reese Witherspoon's daughter (not a murderer)
Steve Crane's restaurant Luau
Detour: A Hollywood Story by Cheryl Crane
Martha Stewart Living 
Gwyneth Paltrow's IMDB
"Conscious Coupling"
"Jailbird Cake"
Beth's lifestyle blog
Goop's 7-day detox

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Music: Kiaro di luna by Intiman

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