Brittany Murphy's death was ruled an accident, but the mysterious circumstances surrounding her untimely demise has plagued us both for years. As a result, we always knew we wanted to cover this case in season one of our podcast. This week, that dream finally became a reality. Today, we're kicking off a two part series on the life and death of Brittany Murphy. Up first, her life.

On this week's show --

  • Katie walks us through Brittany's early life...
  • and Beth gives us some backstory on Simon Monjack, Brittany's husband at the time of her death.
  • Then, Katie discusses how this unlikely pair ended up together...
  • while Beth explains the wedding bells that may have spelled uncertain doom...for them both.


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Brittany Murphy's Twix commercial
Brittany Murphy's IMDB
Simon Monjacks's IMDB
Vanity Fair article: The White Hotel, Brittany Murphy’s Cursed, Unmade Project
30 Rock (Note: Jane Krakowski, not Krazinsky--whoops!)
The cursed house of the Britt's


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