Brittany Murphy's death was ruled an accident, but the mysterious circumstances surrounding her untimely demise has plagued us both for years. As a result, we always knew we wanted to cover this case in season one of our podcast. Last week, we discussed Brittany's life and her relationship with Simon Monjack. This episode, we conclude our two-part season finale with a deep dive into her death. 

On this week's show --

  • Beth explains the details of Brittany's death (RIP)...
  • and Katie raises some of the weirder red flags of the case.
  • Then, Beth walks us through the family's odd reactions...
  • while Katie talks about death number two in this mystery -- Simon Monjack.
  • Finally, we put our heads together to crack this case once and for all!


Definition of YONKS
The perfect stocking stuffer according to Bon Appetit
Elvis in Home Alone
Britney's exquisite Instagram post
Brittany Murphy's autopsy
Simon Monjack's autopsy
Munchausen syndrome and Munchausen by proxy
Gypsy Rose
Symptoms of arsenic poisoning
Brittany Murphy communicates through the Hollywood Medium


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Music: Kiaro di luna by Intiman

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