It's another mystery-soaked Sunday with the ladies of Uncovered. This week's episode explores some pretty heavy topics and might not be suitable for young ears. Proceed with caution, but we hope the details we uncover prove thought-provoking. 

On this week's show -- 

  • Katie tells us about Mary-Kate Olsen's role in Heath Ledger's death...
  • and Beth explains why the movie Last Tango in Paris continues to make headlines decades after it was released in theaters.


Food from The Sopranos
Queer Eye
Jonathan van Ness on Instagram
Game of Thrones
10 Things I Hate About You
Brokeback Mountain
Mary-Kate Olsen's IMDB
The Olsen's best red carpet looks
Heath's method acting for the Joker explained
Last Tango in Paris
Marlon Brando's IMDB
Bernardo Bertolucci's IMDB
Maria Schneider's IMDB
Last Tango in Paris cover story in Time
Maria Schneider interview with Daily Mail
What do we do when the art we love was created by a monster?
Allied Organizations curated by the Female Filmmakers Initiative

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