We're back to our regularly scheduled programming this week with more tales about the wackiest of wacky celebs and the weird and wild things they get up to.

On this week's show -- 

  • Beth reveals which OG momager may have gotten herself catfished...
  • and Katie wonders what was real and what wasn't about the life and death of Andy Kaufman. 


Couponing Girl on YouTube
Couponing Girl on Instagram
Best friends meme
Lohan Beach House is abandoned
The Parent Trap
Mean Girls
Living Lohan clip
Celebrity Big Brother 2
Meri Brown catfishing epi
Jesse Nadler on Twitter
False positive memories
Man on the Moon
Netflix documentary about the making of Man on the Moon
Andy Kaufman's Foreign Man
Andy Kaufman greatest clips
It's Good to be King ... Sometimes
Andy Kaufman: The Truth, Finally
The Shrink Next Door
To Live and Die in LA

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Music: Kiaro di luna by Intiman

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