Another glorious Sunday with UNCOVERED the podcast! We're so glad you're here! Sit back, relax, and let the nonsense unfold...

On this week's show -- 

  • Beth takes a listener request and tries to figure out if a popular boy bander's baby is a fraud...
  • and Katie is sounding the alarm bells to remind ALL of us that this sitcom dad honed his craft in the clink.


A few podcast recommendations--
- I Got the Hell Out
- Serial
- Happy Face
- Wine and Punishment Pod
- Pop, Crime and Wine
- Cabernet and True Crime
One Direction
Louis Tomlinson's Twitter
Briana's Instagram
Tim Allen's IMDB page
Comedy Castle in Detroit
Home Improvement
The Santa Clause
Don't Stand Too Close to Naked Men
Pure Michigan commercial
You've Got Mail epi of The Rewatchables

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Music: Kiaro di luna by Intiman

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