About the Podcast:

Uncovered is a podcast for celebrity mystery musings co-hosted by Beth Berger and Katie Stearns. Each week, Beth and Katie get on the horn to talk about the most curious situations involving famous folk. We tackle -

♣ Recent pop culture conundrums,

♣ Solutions to the puzzles time (and fame) forgot. (We NEVER forget!), and

♣ Celebrity conspiracy theories ranging from completely impossible to totally plausible.

Every episode we both present a celebrity mystery to the other - and YOU! - and discuss theories, rumors, fun facts, and weird tidbits.

We’re not saying everything is true, we’re simply uncovering the possibilities.

About Us:

Since joining friendship forces over a decade ago, we’ve always shared a love for internet sleuthing - never judging each other about how deep the dives can get - and nothing brings us more joy than a piece of wacky celebrity gossip.

BETH is a freelance marketing consultant. She loves blogging and always takes her phone calls standing up. She lives in Alabama with her husband and cat.

KATIE is a global project manager. She loves to cook and only brushes her teeth with super hot water. She lives in Indiana with her husband, dog, and cat.